Growler's Taproom on 82nd Ave

Hours of Operation

Growler's Taproom hours of operation are as follows:
Monday - 4pm-12am
Tuesday - closed
Wednesday 4pm-12am
Thursday 4pm-12am
Friday 4pm-12am
Saturday 4pm-12am
Sunday 4pm-12am

Weekly Activites

Weekly activities:

'Watch it Later' Podcast recorded in front of a live audience Mondays 8pm-10pm

Tap That Comedy Open Mic Wednesdays 7pm-9pm

Star Trek Trivia Thursdays 8pm-9:30pm

Movies on the Porch Fridays & Saturdays 7pm-9pm

Tap That Comedy Showcase & Open Mic Saturdays 9pm-Close

Open Music Jam Sundays 6pm-Close

What's on Tap

1. StormBreaker Total ReKolsch				(5.6% ABV)	$5/Pint	$18/Growler
2. Breakside Pilsner						(5.2% ABV)	$6/Pint	$18/Growler
3. Manifest Highly Recommend IPA				(6.3% ABV)	$6/Pint	$22/Growler
4. Baerlic Better Together IPA					(6.7% ABV)	$6/Pint	$20/Growler
5. StormBreaker Cloud Ripper IPA				(6.8% ABV)	$6/Pint	$18/Growler
6. StormBreaker Trip Dub Double IPA			(9.9% ABV)	$7/Pint	$25/Growler
7. StormBreaker Rhythm of the Night Porter		(5.3% ABV)	$6/Pint	$22/Growler
8. Matchless Cold Mocha Stout				(8.5% ABV)	$6/Pint	$22/Growler
9. Urban Family New Quest Plum Sour Ale		(5.5% ABV)	$6/Pint	$22/Growler
10. Longdrop Blueberry Pie Cider				(5.5% ABV)	$6/Pint	$20/Growler
11. North Jetty Downtime Mango Seltzer			(5.1% ABV)	$5/Pint	$22/Growler
1. Pinot Gris											$7/10oz
2. Pinot Noir											$7/10oz
1. Boneyard Elixir Sparkling CBD Beverage					$6/12oz
2. BundAberg Ginger Beer								$4/12oz
3. Crater Lake Root Beer									$3/12oz
4. LaCroix Sparkling Water								$2/12oz
5. Spindrift Sparkling Water with Real Fruit Juice				$3/12oz

Thai Me Drunken Noodle - stop by or call ahead to order 503.839.8499

Home of Thai Me Drunken Noodle food cart!

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